Do You Use Calamine Lotion For Most Rashes

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Calamine lotion is a wonderful product. From poison ivy to eczema the lotion can help relieve the symptoms of several different types of rashes. The main uses for calamine lotion are to help relieve pain, itching and discomfort from skin irritations. These irritations can be caused from plants, household materials and even some airborne irritants. Calamine lotion basically helps dry out the skin rash that is caused by the environmental irritants.

The main ingredients in Calamine lotion are zinc oxide and ferric oxide. The main ingredient in the lotion asks as an anti-itching agent. The main ingredient is an antipruritic ingredient that treats rashes by soothing the itching and irritation. Several of the rashes calamine lotion has been known to help are sunburn, eczema, poison ivy, insect bites or stings, rashes or chickenpox. Calamine lotion has also been used to treat blisters and acne areas that have a weeping or oozing symptom.

Calamine lotion is a very easy to use, but it is recommended to follow the directions on the back of the bottle. The lotion needs to be shaken before it can be used. This mixes all the ingredients together evenly so you can get the full effect of the lotion. To apply the lotion, you should use a cotton ball. Most bottles tell the user to apply the lotion to the cotton ball and then dab onto the rash. Once the medicine is on the skin, it will take about 30 minutes to fully dry.

Once the Calamine lotion is dry you should feel the full benefits of the lotion almost immediately. There have been cases of people having side effects to Calamine lotion. Most of the time the side effects are minor, but in certain cases the allergic reaction has been more severe. When you have a question about the side effects or uses of Calamine lotion, always contact your doctor or pharmacist. All in all Calamine lotion is a great product, from relieving chicken pox itches to poison ivy.

In life, don't look for one product that will solve everything. That just isn't the case. The root of the problem needs to be analyzed, whether it is about rashes, respiratory problems, mood disorders or chronic exhaustion. It's important to not simplify things and expect there to just be one way to handle it.

The mind loves a simple solution but the reality is that the underlying factors of a situation need to be observed and an appropriate solution needs to be applied. Don't just think that you can use calamine lotion for every rash.

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Do You Use Calamine Lotion For Most Rashes

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Do You Use Calamine Lotion For Most Rashes

This article was published on 2011/10/18